Unique flooring

Amazing floors

Why have a plain floor when you can have so much more? With our exclusive range of decorative and metallic floor coverings, we offer you the opportunity to create an extremely hardwearing, UV stable (non yellowing), bespoke resin floor. With the correct preparation our durable resins can be applied over existing timber, ceramic and concrete substrates, plus many more everyday surfaces.

Our self smoothing, 100% solid designer resin systems, allows ourselves and the customer the opportunity to create an absolutely flawless design, that works extremely well with underfloor heating.

PCF resin systems are designed to work in all Domestic, Commercial and industrial sectors. 

All of our systems create a non-porous, seamless finish which prevents up to 99.9% of all bacteria growth on it's surface.

Your spaces are no longer a place of mere functionality, it is a wellness sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and revive the senses.

Unique stencils

We can design a one off stencil to make your home  truly unique

Add a bit of sparkle

With almost limitless possibilities we can make your dream floor a reality

Amazing and Unique Floors


With Unique Finishes you can now make your floors stand out from the crowd. seamless and with almost unlimited styles we can make something special



With Unique Finishes you can have a penny floor or comics or wood underneath the resin...in fact the only limit is your imagination

we can even do logos

Unique Flooring


Unique resin floors in almost any style or colour to suit garages, offices and almost any where. non slip and seamless. 

we also do traditional tiling and carpet tiles to an exceptional standard.   

Wooden floor renovation

Amazing and Unique Floors


With Unique Finishes you can now make your floors look as good if not better than new. 

We can do  domestic and commercial be it a living room or a dance hall.  

Connected services


Tiling Services

All style of wall and floor tiles laid from ceramic to marble 

Carpet Tiles supplied and fitted

Carpet Tiles supplied and fitted in many styles and budgets 

Wooden and laminate flooring

All styles and colours supplied and fitted.